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Whether Weather Matters - Climate and Fibromyalgia

Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia often report significant pain flares during extreme weather conditions – both hot and cold. Many also struggle as the seasons change.

But why?

Essentially, Fibro causes our bodies internal thermostat to break making sufferers extremely sensitive to the weather and in particular, extreme weather. This is linked to Mast and Glial cell disfunction and adrenal burnout.

A malfunctioning internal thermostat – known as “deregulation” - causes many to feel either cold or hot all the time. Several studies have confirmed this as a common Fibro symptom which is called temperature sensitivity.

During the colder months, pain becomes the primary protagonist and is often prolonged as the body struggles to regulate to a state of warmth. Put simply, the body takes much longer to warm up, even when a sufferer is in front of a heater.

With Fibro, the body takes longer to warm from the cold and cool from the heat. Small environmental stimuli, like working above an air conditioner vent can make a huge difference in minimising weather related pain flares.

If you or someone you love sufferers from Fibromyalgia contact Elixir today for your complementary phone consultation where we can provide information and advice on treatment protocols.

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