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A Parthway to Better Art!

To enhance your experience and ensure your skin receives the best care possible, we offer custom-compounded tattoo numbing and aftercare creams tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Our Compounding Services?

Our experienced team of pharmacists formulate effective individualised topical creams to enhance your tattoo experience. We compound creams for both body tattoos and eyebrow and lip tattoos.


Custom Tattoo Numbing Creams:

Tattoos can be a test of endurance, but with our specially formulated numbing cream, you can focus on the art without the discomfort.  We create numbing creams designed to:

  • Reduce Pain:  Minimise the pain associated with the tattooing process, allowing for a more comfortable experience.

  • Reduce Anxiety:  Lower anxiety levels by alleviating fear of pain, making the session more enjoyable.

  • Improve Precision:  By reducing pain-induced movements, our numbing cream helps the artist achieve more precise and intricate designs.


Our pharmacists work closely with you to ensure the formulation suits your skin type and the extent of the tattoo.  It’s important to note that our numbing creams contain anaesthetics, which may not be suitable for you!  It is very important to consult with our Pharmacists to ensure these products are suitable for you.


Tattoo Aftercare Cream:

The right aftercare is crucial to the healing process (including the quality of the artwork) and longevity of your tattoo.  Our tattoo aftercare cream is compounded with the following benefits:

  • Speed Up Healing: Promote faster healing with ingredients that support skin regeneration.

  • Prevent Infection: Reduce the risk of infection with antibacterial components.

  • Soothe Irritation: Calm irritated skin and reduce redness and swelling post-tattoo.

  • Reduce Inflammation: This can dramatically improve the quality of your tattoo, particularly areas that have fine details.

Each aftercare cream is personalised to your skin’s needs, ensuring that your tattoo heals beautifully and remains vibrant.

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