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The benefits of biotin

The Benefits of Biotin


Whether you are already taking supplements or are considering improving your health by beginning a supplement routine, you may want to consider adding biotin to the list. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a micronutrient that is essential to growth. Stemming from the Greek word biotos, which translates to “sustenance” or “life-giving,” biotin has proven to be a super vitamin with the power to affect how we function physically on a daily basis.


Like the other B-complex vitamins, biotin helps your body convert food into energy. This happens at a cellular level by transforming the carbohydrates you eat into glucose. However, while biotin is essential, it is water-soluble, and your body will not store it. Instead, any biotin your body produces is either taken up into the blood and used or excreted in the urine. Therefore, it is important that you consume enough biotin on a daily basis so that you do not become deficient.


Biotin Deficiency:


Having a lack of biotin can affect many aspects of your overall health. The main side effects you may have if you are biotin deficient are hair loss, brittle nails, and a red, scaly rash that appears on the face, typically around the mouth, eyes, and nose. More severe side effects include muscle pain and seizures. However, biotin deficiency can affect not only the body but also the mind. People with biotin deficiency are also more likely to suffer from neurological issues such as extreme tiredness, hallucinations, and even depression.


If you do notice any of these symptoms occurring, it’s important to visit a physician to get a full blood workup to test for other underlying issues. In many cases, these symptoms can be caused by an underlying condition such as a thyroid issue or iron deficiency. Biotin deficiency is also more likely if you have a condition like liver disease, diabetes, or even pregnancy. When taken along with medications to treat these conditions and in conjunction with a healthy diet, biotin supplementation can be an essential component of your overall health and wellness.


The benefits of biotin include:


1. Heart Protection – Maintaining an adequate amount of biotin may help improve blood flow in and out of your heart. Proper blood flow can prevent many common heart problems, including heart failure.


2. Increased Immunity – Taking a daily biotin supplement can help your body remain strong and fight off illnesses. Lack of biotin and other B vitamins is often indicated in those with immune issues.


3. Helps with Allergies – Since the properties of biotin can assist in attenuating immune reactions and reducing inflammation, they can also help individuals suffering from allergic reactions.


4. Regulates Metabolism – If you are looking to improve your metabolism, biotin could be a possible supplement to add to your daily routine. Since biotin and other B vitamins convert fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids into energy, it may help you boost your metabolism.


5. Assists in Nervous System Protection – Biotin is critical in creating the myelin sheath. This fatty substance protects cells in the nerves, spinal cord, and brain.


6. Blood Sugar Regulation – Biotin helps to keep blood sugar levels stable by increasing insulin levels and regulating blood glucose. This can be especially helpful for individuals battling Type 2 diabetes.


7. Healthy Weight Loss – Biotin can be a great option for individuals looking to lose weight. Since it helps regulate metabolism by converting extra fats and carbohydrates into energy, biotin supplementation may contribute to healthy weight loss.


8. Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis – Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, doctors may recommend a biotin supplement as one of the methods for helping to treat multiple sclerosis.


9. Helps Repair Muscles and Tissues – Biotin helps the body process the amino acids and proteins that are the building blocks of muscle tissue. Proper levels of biotin may help address muscle injuries and weakness.


10. Fetal Development – Pregnant women are typically advised to take biotin, as it helps ensure the fetus grows and develops properly. In addition, pregnant women are often deficient in biotin, as much of it goes to the developing baby.


11. Helps Hair Grow Strong and Healthy – If you are looking to grow your hair or increase its strength, you can try adding biotin to your diet. Biotin is thought to stimulate keratin production and follicle growth to help boost hair production, make hair stronger and shinier, and prevent hair loss.


12. Stronger Nails – If you are finding that your nails are weak and brittle, it may be due to a biotin deficiency. Biotin supplementation can help you restore biotin levels and ensure your nails are healthy and strong.


13. Treatment for Skin Problems – If you are battling dry or flaky skin, biotin can assist in the production of fatty acids, which help to make the skin smoother and stronger. Anti-inflammatory properties may also reduce unwanted redness and irritation.


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