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Fibromyalgia & Costochondritis

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Fibromyalgia & Chest Pain

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition. Sufferers typically experience chronic pain, tenderness and stiffness in muscles, connective tissues, bones and joints. And while symptoms differ from sufferer to sufferer, many experience intense, sharp or stabbing pain in the chest and ribcage regions.

Fibro causes inflammation of the cartilage joining the upper ribs with the breastbone. This causes a condition called costochondritis.

Fibro causes widespread inflammation that is generally not detected in routine blood tests – making the condition so difficult to diagnose … leaving sufferers lost and often told “it’s all in your head”. It’s NOT in your head! It’s real, it’s debilitating and, it can be treated!

What does fibromyalgia chest pain feel like?

When first experiencing costochondritis, many sufferers report the following:

- Aching in the chest region;

- Stabbing pain; and /or

- A persistent burning sensation.

The pain sensation(s) caused by costochondritis can be felt in either the centre of the chest or anywhere along the cartilage running between the sternum, the breastbone and / or the ribs.

While Fibro sufferer’s neurotransmission function is elevated, they have lower levels of neurotransmitters which compromises the production of both Serotonin and Dopamine – this is why Vitamin D is so fundamentally important to our Fibro treatment protocol. Low Vitamin D levels can significantly compromise neurotransmission function, and therefore the bodies Serotonin and Dopamine levels. This can significantly increase pain caused by costochondritis.

‘That’s Me’ … So, What Are My Options?

As all Fibro sufferers know all too well, the reality is there is no silver bullet. However, there is a specific treatment protocol that Elixir has developed that is highly effective. At Elixir, we specialise in treating chronic pain including Fibro, ME/CFS, Arthritis and neuropathic pain. The protocol is centred on:

1. Addressing the underlying cause of the pain with Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), which reduces


2. Moderating muscle function with Magnesium as Glycinate;

3. Addressing Vitamin D deficiency;

4. Reducing Chronic Fatigue and adrenal stress;

5. Improving sleep with compounded Melatonin in Troche form; and

6. Developing and tailoring treatment plans for other symptoms such as Restless Leg Syndrome,

Brain Fog, Migraines, etc.

Elixir Compounding Pharmacy specialises in treating chronic pain conditions including Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and Arthritis.

We offer complementary phone consultations for sufferers where we assess individuals and recommend a treatment protocol to give sufferers the support and relief they should expect and most certainly deserve.

So, if you or someone you love is suffering from Fibro or chronic pain, contact Elixir today to see how you / they could get the relief you / they deserve.

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