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Fibromyalgia and ATP.

Fibro and ATP.

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate. It is something that the body produces to promote muscle health and to carry oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body.

ATP & Fibro have a very definite connection. Recent studies have narrowed down the role of ATP in Fibro flares.

ATP isn’t something you can supplement; sufferers need to ‘trigger’ the body to make more of it - which is achieved through the right combination of supplements and diet.

Is it too high or too low in Fibro?

Most Fibro sufferers experience morning stiffness and muscle pain, and this is generally caused by low ATP levels. ATP is vital for muscle health … if there is not enough, it leads to pain, cramping, twitching, and soreness.

Fibro sufferers have low ATP levels. The urea cycle is how the body cleanses toxins and manages PH levels in muscles to prevent cramping and fatigue.

ATP is related to increased oxygen levels in the blood, which in turn also helps to combat fatigue. This is often related to the chronic fatigue that Fibro sufferers experience – low ATP leads to oxidative stress.

How do you manage ATP levels?

The most effective way to manage ATP levels is to supplement with Magnesium as Glycinate and malic acid-rich foods. Vitamin C and Vitamin D also play an important role. Fibro sufferers need their Vitamin D levels at 100 – anything lower will drive brain fog and increase pain, as the bodies serotonin and dopamine levels are compromised.

There are two things to remember about ATP & Fibro – the first is that low levels of ATP in the muscles is common and significantly contributes to chronic pain. The second is, there is a solution by supplementing with Magnesium as Glycinate, Ascorbic Acid and ensuring your Vitamin D levels are at 100.

Elixir Compounding Pharmacy specialises in treating Fibromyalgia. We develop patient-centred treatment protocols based largely on advanced nutrient therapies. We offer complementary phone consultations where we assess symptoms and recommend an individualised treatment protocol. So, if you or someone you know is fighting Fibro, contact Elixir today.

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