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Fibro-fog and chronic tiredness.

One of the most common symptoms our Fibro worriers share with us is tiredness and the significant impact this has on them and their families. They tell us it restricts, constricts and distracts from daily life.

Fibro-fog is caused by the common fibromyalgia symptoms, including:

- Fibromyalgia, the excruciating condition itself ... plus ...

- Poor sleep;

- Heightened adrenal stress levels;

- Inflammation;

- high oxidant levels;

- Low Vitamin D levels; and

- Poor Magnesium levels.

Typically, brain fog becomes more severe in fibromyalgia sufferers as pain levels increase. As the fog takes hold, sufferers typically feel rushed, emotionally overwhelmed and anxious. These symptoms in turn combine to produce more fog … and hence, a viscous cycle perpetuates!

Feeling the fog means …

- Not remembering what you’ve heard or read

- Spatial disorientation;

- Confusion and problems concentrating;

- The inability to consider more than one thing at a time … even for the most seasoned multitasker;

- Trouble computing simple mathematical problems;

- Speech difficulties; and

- Overall, a feeling of mental strain.

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms ... don’t worry, you’re normal ... you're absolutely normal - and no, it’s not “in your head”.

Fibro-fog can be treated. With the appropriate personalised pain and sleep treatment protocol there is a way through!

Elixir Compounding Pharmacy specialises in treating chronic, complex pain conditions. In 2019, we were awarded Asia Pacific’s Compounding Pharmacy of the Year for our work treating Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

If you or someone you love is suffering from Fibromyalgia or neuropathic pain contact Elixir today for your complementary face-to-face or phone consultation.

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