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The Menace of Headache & Migraine!

Persistent headaches and migraine are a surprisingly common and disabling condition, impacting approximately 12% of Australians. In fact, migraine is the sixth most prevalent disability worldwide.

Migraines are particularly debilitating. There are three categories of Migraine:

1. No migraine - low-frequency episodic migraine (less than 10 headache days per month); 2. High-frequency episodic migraine (10-14 headache days per month); and 3. Chronic migraine (15 or more headache days per month; with sufferers experiencing a chronic migraine or headache more often than not).

Chronic migraine occurs in approximately 1% of the population. Sadly, around 2.5% of those suffering episodic migraine transition to chronic migraine within a year.

To make a diagnosis, it’s important to know the exact number of days per month that sufferers experience headaches of any kind. This is best done my maintaining a daily headache ‘diary’. Often when we ask sufferers how many headaches they’ve been experiencing they report only the most severe headaches (generally those that keep them from work / school or those that require medication).

If you’re suffering chronic migraine, you need to be carefully assessed by your doctor to exclude causes driven by other underlying conditions or disease.

Risk Factors for Chronic Migraine:

Transition to chronic migraine is associated with well-recognised, potentially treatable risk factors. Some examples of risk factors include:

- Other pain disorders, including Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and Arthritis; - Depression; - Anxiety; - Asthma; - Stress, particularly PTSD; - Head/Neck injury; and - Persistent, frequent nausea.


In addition to conventional pain medication, Elixir Compounding has developed a specific, advanced nutrient based migraine prophylaxis. Our prophylaxis is based on clinical trials where sufferers reported a reduction in the onset, duration and severity of headache and migraine by more than 50%.

Compounded in capsule form, each dose contains Riboflavin, Magnesium (as Glycinate) and Coenzyme Q 10 (CoQ10). The suggested dose is one capsule morning and night.

At Elixir, we specialise in treating chronic pain including headache and migraine. We offer complementary phone consultations for sufferers where we assess symptoms and recommend a treatment protocol to give sufferers the support and relief they deserve.

So, if you or someone you know is suffering from this debilitating condition, contact Elixir Compounding today.

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