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The Lethargy that is Lupus!

Put simply, Lupus can drive us loopy!

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes inflammation throughout the body. It tends to be localised rather than systematic and results in a breakdown of cells in the body. While there is not cure for lupus, there are effective treatment protocols that ease symptoms and reduce inflammation.


- Inflammation of the joints;

- Fever;

- Fatigue;

- Body aches;

- Joint pain;

- Rashes, including a butterfly rash on the face;

- Skin lesions;

- Shortness of breath;

- Sjogren’s syndrome;

- Headache and migraine;

- Brain fog;

- Memory loss; and

- Photosensitivity to UV radiation from sunlight and artificial light.

What Causes Lupus?

We don’t know! But there are a number of factors that appear to contribute to its onset, including:

- Lifestyle triggers including smoking, stress, and exposure to toxins;

- Genetics;

- Hormones, particularly increased Estrogen levels; and

- Infection, such as cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr.

Treatment Options:

There are treatment protocols to manage Lupus. At Elixir, we focus on protocols that centre on:

- PEA to reduce inflammation caused by mast cell receptors;

- High dose Vitamin D loading in liquid form;

- A specific form of compounded Magnesium “as” Glycinate;

- Transdermal pain cream containing anti-inflammatories and anaesthetic to reduce pain; and

- Advanced nutrient compounds to reduce adrenal stress.

So, if or someone you know is suffering from Lupus, contact Elixir Compounding today. We offer complementary face-to-face or phone consultations where we can discuss your individual symptoms and recommend a treatment protocol so you can regain your health and live life to the full.

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