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Covid Safe Travel

Now that it’s Ok to venture more than 5km from home … and … wait for it … head to your midnight flight after that 9pm curfew (well Melbourne anyway!) … one of the most common questions we get is how to keep safe inflight.

Well, apart from donning your Aldi “special buy” jetsetter onesie pyjamas for a comfy ride there is a little flight hack we highly recommend.

Grab yourself a bottle of Betadine Concentrated Sore Throat Gargle from your local Pharmacy and a small spray bottle (remember you cannot fly with more than 100mL in the bottle so less is more). Mix one part Betadine to ten parts water. Have it packed in your carry-on.

So, now for the inflight plan!

In between chewing on that overcooked rubber chicken or beef concoction served with a side of limp greens and that bread roll baked fresh in 1974 … visit that spacious in-flight toilet … every 2 hours … even when number 1 or 2 isn’t on the departure board! Spray the Betadine / Water mix up each nostril … and … such it back and spit it out.

Grrrroooooose! I hear you say. Yes, a little, but you did just eat rubber chicken or beef in a tin can at 40,000ft in an Aldie onesie … hmmmm!

Travel safe lovely adventurers … and remember, travel is the only thing that truly makes us richer xx

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